Saturday, April 19, 2014

Get General Contracting Questions Answered Clearly From Local Helpouts General Contracting Expert Steve Jones of Dallas

Get General Contracting Questions Answered Clearly From Local Helpouts General Contracting Expert Steve Jones of Dallas

Whether your concern(s) are related to foundations, roofing, plumbing, electrical, or any other topic ... you will definitely find knowledgeable Answers and Advice here:    214 838 0000

I will work with you to :
   Help You to completely & accurately identify and understand the issue(s) 
   Discuss various repair options, and their associated costs with you
   Recommend specific affordable action(s)  you can take immediately
   Use Technical Illustrations & Videos on screen clearly so you can understand how to resolve the issue in manner that is best for YOU

Home Repair and Home questions come in countless varieties and variation which need a unique and precise method to solve, and fix them!

We can put YOUR HOME back together before the expense and opportunity to do the job in a timely manner  slips away from you!

1. BSIE Industrial Engineering, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, 1989
2. 25 Years Experience as a Home Inspector & General Contractor
3. Excellent communication & problem solving skills

Get Your General Contracting questions clearly answered by Steve Jones a knowledgeable Local Helpouts General Contracting Expert of Dallas.

Speak to Steve Jones:
214 838 0000

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  1. A great man once said that "escalators don’t break down they just turn into stairs". This is how I have treated all of my construction projects. Turning one misfortune into a fortune. We recently had a storm take out our entire patio. Now we get to build a new one!

    1. Bob, I applaud your enthusiasm and optimism. We just had a flood in our basement and I can assure you I was anything BUT optimistic. I think that trying to fix it all myself added to my frustration. The next time anything happens to my home, I will be sure to contact a general contractor.

  2. Amazing article! I didn't exactly know what a general contractor did. I will now be able to talk about construction and repairs with my sisters boyfriend. It is important to know what a general contractor does. There are so many different types of contractors. I would want to make sure I hire the correct one. If I ever get confused, I'll ask my sisters boyfriend.